Machine Learning Enabled Analysis

One Defense provides technology investment insights enabled by machine learning capabilities. These include:

Data-driven technology scouting that identifies emerging technology outbreaks


Investment strategies optimized by quantitative R&D investment analysis


Intellectual property portfolio assessments supported by global technology trends and machine- learning analysis of competitor R&D investments


Technology roadmap support that augments investment & acquisitions strategies with “best- tech” insertions

Quantitative insights for strategic technology investments:
Creating surprise for the competition while reducing the likelihood of being surprised.

The fundamental challenge with technology horizon scanning is that it is a really big horizon.

One Defense takes a data-driven approach by using Machine Learning to identify and assess innovations applicable to clients' technology portfolios by leveraging ML-derived classification systems, proven complex systems network analysis algorithms, and “outbreak detection”

This data modeling enables quantitative & rapid identification of emerging technology areas, as well as the likely adjacent applications for mature technologies, fostering insights into market opportunities, strategic partnerships, and near-term solutions for technology integration.

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